What is a Watershed?


We all have one thing in common: no matter where we live, we all live in a watershed.

A watershed (also known as a drainage basin, river basin or catchment ) is an area of land that catches precipitation and drains into a larger body of water such as a river or lake. The
boundaries of a watershed are defined by height of land of the elevation divide separating one watershed from another.

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Milk River Watershed Facts and Figures 

Total Area of Watershed 61,642 km2 (23,800 square miles)
Area in Canada 21,442 km2 (8,279 square miles)
Area in Alberta 6,500 km2 (2,510 square miles)
Area in Montana 40,199 km2 (15,521 square miles)
Length of Milk River 1,173 km (700 miles)
Number of Tributaries 30
Irrigated Land in the Watershed 3,300 hectares (8,154 acres)