Canoe the Milk River Sign Series

River and Recreational information

Recreational users – projected stable flows will make for ideal floating conditions for the entire summer and early fall season. Conditions can change rapidly so watch for updates before you go.

A few notes regarding river safety:

PLAN your trip well in advance.

Ensure you know your route, access points, and have adequate supplies!

Know your limitations. Though it may seem like a sleepy prairie river, the Milk has many challenging areas and hazards to be aware of, if you run into problems there is often poor or zero cell service for emergency services to find or reach you and a hike out over dangerous terrain is common.

If you are planning on using any Alberta Parks services or camping such as at Poverty Rock contact administration at Writing on Stone Park for advice ahead of time. Space is limited.

RESPECT Private property, do not trespass or litter along the river.

Heat is as or more dangerous as cold! With temperatures anticipated in the low to mid 30s next week, users must understand that temperatures along the river valley and hoodoos are frequently 5-10 degrees hotter than above the valley floor. Pack sufficient water! Avoid early afternoon trips.

Conditions change rapidly, check the Alberta Rivers (website or app) for the latest flow information.

Remember to be a responsible paddler

Follow Leave No Trace Principles

The Milk River is a popular recreation destination for many. Canoe route signs were erected at common entry points along the river to help people plan their trip and to provide some interesting information about the flora and fauna that can be found in the area.Included on the signs is and idea of the distance and time needed to travel between different points. 

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