The Watershed

A watershed is an area of land that collects all of the rain and snow that drains into a larger body of water, such as a river or lake. The Milk River watershed contains all of the land that drains into the Milk River. It is unique in Alberta because it is the only watershed that flows into the Gulf of Mexico, via the Missouri and the Mississippi Rivers.

girl_river.jpgThe water in a watershed is found in rivers, creeks, lakes, wetlands, sloughs, puddles and in underground aquifers. Watersheds are more than just water, they include all the land that drains into the waterbodies and the people, plants and wildlife that live on that land. The Milk River watershed is made up of high areas, such as the Cypress Hills and Sweetgrass Hills, rolling grasslands, croplands, towns and villages - Milk River and Coutts. All parts of a watershed are connected!

Key Issues

Overview of the Milk River Watershed

Land, Water, People

Milk River Watershed Map Series

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