Land Owners Information - Alberta Energy Regulator(AER) Resource

The Milk River Watershed Council Canada is a broad partnership of interested and informed people living and working in the Milk River Watershed who provide leadership in watershed management and planning.  As a transboundary watershed, we foster good relationships with our Montana neighbours for the continued co-management of the Milk River waters.

Our Mandate:

To engage governments, stakeholders, other partnerships, and the public in watershed assessment and watershed management planning, considering existing land and resource management planning processes and decision-making authorities.

We are an independent organization that supports the goals of Alberta's Water for Life Strategy in the Milk River Watershed.  These goals are:

  • Safe, secure drinking water supplies,
  • Reliable water supplies for a sustainable economy, and
  • Healthy aquatic ecosystems.

The information contained in the following links is provided by AER about the landowners’ rights and options, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the AER in the regulating energy development in Alberta. 

Letter from the CEO of the AER & understanding oil and gas

AER Landowner Links

What Is the Alberta Energy Regulator?

Having Your Say at an AER Hearing

Inspections and Enforcement of Energy
Developments in Alberta

All About Critical Sour Wells

Explaining AER Setbacks

Flaring and Incineration

Proposed Oil and Gas Wells, Pipelines, and
Facilities: A Landowner’s Guide

The AER and You: Agreements, Commitments,
and Conditions

All About Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Oil Sands

Expressing Your Concerns – How to File a Statement
of Concern About an Energy Resource Project

How to Register a Private Surface Agreement

For more information about the AER and its regulations please visit