Producers Leading the Way Project

  • Municipal Extension Programs

County of Warner

The County of Warner, in its objective to promote and develop agricultural policies that will meet the needs of the municipality, has constituted an Agricultural Service Board to advise and assist with respect to improving the economic welfare and sustainability of the agricultural community.

The Agricultural Service Board (ASB) is made up of County Council. Together with the Agricultural Fieldman, they address the current local issues affecting agricultural production.

Cardston County

The Agricultural Service Board provides to the residents of Cardston County programs and services to promote, protect, enhance and support agriculture and the natural landscape to make Cardston County a better place to live.

County of Forty Mile

Every year the ASB attends the Provincial Agricultural Service Board Conference where the members receive industry updates and take part in making resolutions to various levels of government in support of agriculture.

Cypress County

The Agricultural Service Board Programs, primarily for farmers and ranchers, including weed control, roadside spraying, equipment rentals, environmental programs.



  • Growing Forward

This program provides technical assistance to agricultural producers to complete a Long-Term Water Management Plan (LTWMP), and shares the cost of related enhancements of their on-farm water supply management.

The Growing Forward 2 On-Farm Water Management Program (2013-2018) addresses two key industry priorities:

  1. Improved resource management. The program helps producers achieve greater water security and more effective and efficient management of their on-farm water resources, enhancing the sustainability of those resources.
  2. Improved production capacity. Producers who improve their water management capability advance the long-term competitiveness of their operation, making them better able to embrace business opportunities.