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Watersheds                                             Groundwater                                                       Wetlands

Everyone Lives in a Watershed!                     Water Cycle (great for teaching about gardening)            Build a Wetland



Watershed Model                                            Edible Aquifer Activity or Aquifer in a Cup                       Online Wetland Activity


Be a Watershed Tourist!                                                                                                                            Clean Dirty Water



Water Conservation Learning and Fun

Test and improve your knowledge about water and water conservation by playing fun water conservation games courtesy of the Water - Use It Wisely website. 

Other resources:

Water- Use it Wisely: 100+ Ways to Conserve Water


 K-12 Education: Stream to Sea


Groundwater Foundation- Kids Activities

World Water Day


Milk River Activity Booklet 

Have some educational fun with our Activity Booklet(1,120 KB PDF). 

Wetlands Fortune Teller (3,092 KB PDF) 

Word Search (3,202 KB PDF) 


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