School Field Trips

The Milk River Watershed Council Canada and Alberta Parks are partnering to offer experiential programs that support the learning outcomes of Alberta Education. 

The programs can be tailored for specific grade outcomes and can be hosted at Writing on Stone Provincial Park. 

For more information about group camping and program rates please click here


 Previously offered programs:

Grade 4: Plant Explorations 

Grade 5: Weather Watch Tour

Grade 6: Cottonwood Tour

Grade 7: Ecosystem Monitoring

Grade 8: Freshwater Systems

Please check back as we are in the process of creating and re-making our programs.

In-class Programs 

In the upcoming school year we are hoping to offer programs in-class with the opportunity to extend into a field trip. 

Possibilities include (but are not limited to): 

  • Yellow Fish Road (Information here)
  • Beneficial Management Practices/ Producer Stewardship
  • Caring for our Watersheds
  • Plant and Habitat programs 
  • Wetland Explorations/ Importance of Wetlands
  • Water Testing Scientific study
  • Endangered Species
  • Environmental Management
  • Watershed demonstration 
  • Water Allocation Activity

Please contact if you have any questions