In January 2005, residents of the Milk River Watershed were asked if they thought a Watershed Planning and Advisory Council that could address local watershed issues would benefit the region. Over 95% of respondents supported a Council that would keep local people involved and informed, address water shortages, increase collaboration, increase funding opportunities and provide a forum to respond to international water management issues.

Following a public meeting held in Milk River on April 27, 2005, an interim Steering Committee was formed. This Committee drafted bylaws, goals and an action plan which ultimately resulted in the formation of the Milk River Watershed Council Canada.

logo_art.jpgKaren Ellert-Garber of Milk River, Alberta, designed this logo for the Milk River Watershed Council Canada in early 2006.

Karen has lived her entire years on the banks of the Milk River and she is "passionate about the preservation of this amazing prairie ecosystem".

The MRWCC logo reflects the cooperative way of life among ranchers and farmers in the Milk River Watershed and demonstrates the central life-blood of the Milk River meandering by the back-drop of the Sweet Grass Hills.