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Water Conservation Learning and Fun

Test and improve your knowledge about water and water conservation by playing fun water conservation games courtesy of the Water - Use It Wisely website. 

More excellent information and tips for kids and families on conserving water in the home can be found by clicking on the following link:

Activity Booklet 

Have some educational fun with our Activity Booklet(1,120 KB PDF). 

Wetlands Fortune Teller (3,092 KB PDF) 

Word Search (3,202 KB PDF) 

Did you know wetlands are as productive as tropical rain forests?
They are among the most fertile, complex, and productive ecosystems on earth.  Wetlands are extremely important for storing water, lessening the impact of flooding, and filtering contaminants out of our environment.  And much more! 

Approximately 64% of wetlands in the south and central parts of Alberta have been lost, but we can make a difference.  There are ways we can work together to renew and restore our wetlands – spread the word, wetlands count!

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