The The Milk River Watershed Council Canada (MRWCC) is looking for nominations to honour individuals, families, commercial businesses and environmental groups that are good environmental stewards of the Milk River watershed. Nominations are in the following



Commercial business

Environmental group

Nominate a deserving individual, family, commercial business or environmental group that has demonstrated outstanding environmental and conservation efforts to sustain, protect, and enhance the environment within the Milk River Watershed. Self nominations are welcome. Nominations deadline is February 4, 2019. To nominate a deserving candidate or for more information please click here.



In 2015 MRWCC launched a Heritage Tree Project. The goal of the project is to allow residents of the Milk River watershed to celebrate the pioneering spirit of the community by identifying and nominating trees of local significance within the watershed.

A Heritage Tree is a notable tree of its size, form, shape, beauty, age, rarity, significance or other distinctive features. It can be a living relic that displays evidence of significance in the community. Heritage Trees are native to the community and can be of any age (old or newly planted). Some examples of a Heritage Tree can be:

  • A prominent community landmark; a specimen associated with a historic person, place, event or period;
  • A representative of a farm or farmstead planted by ancestors within the community;
  • A tree associated with local folklore, myths, legends, or first nations traditions;
  • A tree that can be chosen to be planted in honour of a loved one that you will care for over the years;
  • Named in honour or tribute of a loved one

Identifying Heritage Trees will help ensure the sustainability of our riparian forests for future generations to enjoy. Trees play pivotal roles in providing habitat for many wildlife species, and stabilize fragile prairie soils in erosion prone areas.

We are currently seeking nominations for the 2019 Heritage Trees!

The MRWCC is currently inviting nominations for the 2019 Heritage Tree Program.

Click here for more information on the 2019 nominations.

To nominate a tree or for more information please contact us at 403 647-3808 or email